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MS/Ph.D Selection Procedure

The applicant has to apply to IITM research program through the method prescribed ( When you are completing the application process, make sure you have the following information:

· Semester-wise score (annual score, where semester system is not followed) in the qualifying degree.
·Valid score on the qualifying examination and the details of the examination.
· Areas of specialization where the candidate wishes to apply.
· Statement of purpose (and summary of research proposal for doctoral candidates).

Once department receives the applications, the shortlist of candidates is prepared. The typical criteria for shortlisting are:

· Academic performance
· Performance on the qualifying examination
· Statement of purpose and research proposal
Shortlisted candidates are invited for interview session at the department.

On the day of the interview:
On arrival, candidates are required to take Research Aptitude Test. This is generic test evaluating the candidates on analytical, language and research skills. The examination is mostly objective type with the possibility of a essay-type question.

The candidates who have filled exemption from qualifying examination are required to take a separate department examination based on the areas of specialization chosen by the candidates.The documents supporting the applications are verified.

The interview process is in two phases:

First phase of interview is technical in nature, where the candidate is tested on the domain knowledge. A panel of faculty members in the area of specialization chosen by the candidates evaluates the candidates on the level of understanding of the domain. Candidates are shortlisted based on their performance in the first round and recommended for the second phase.

Second phase of interview is generic in nature, where faculty members from other domains may also evaluate the candidate on the generic aspects of research such as quantitative skills, ethics, etc.

The panel in the second phase makes the final decision on the admission of the candidate to the research program. At the same time, decision about financial support to the candidate through stipend is also made.

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